Over the years we've heard many jewelers express their desire for caps to facilitate the setting of briolettes.

We have had a series of caps in 12, 20, 30, 40, 50, & 60 degree angles produced. These caps have 1mm thick walls, and are 6mm deep from their opening to the bottom which terminates in a 1mm diameter. The caps are made intentionally thicker and larger in order to provide the material necessary to accommodate a large range of designs. They are very accurately cut on a milling machine providing precision interior angles in order to obtain the optimum fit to a multitude of briolette shapes and sizes.

Briolette Caps

Briolette Caps

Due to the accuracy and range of angles, our caps give a better fit then that which could be made by hand. The caps will fit all round cross section briolettes with a minimum of modifications. Oval cross section briolettes require that the caps be flattened slightly to accommodate the oval cross section of the briolette. This can be done in either the wax stage or metal stage . These caps are a considerable time saver, and will give a stronger, more durable, higher quality product in the end.

The jeweler must only determine the proper cap to fit the briolette angle, trim the cap to cover up to the first facet angle change on the briolette, and attach the ring or bail of choice.

Our caps can be customized with your designs and still maintain the interior angle accuracy that only a milling machine can give.

No more time consuming inaccurate hand fabrication with our accurate and versatile range of precision caps.

We now stock these caps in ready to cast wax supplied free of charge with our briolettes.

Our wax caps can be cast in the metal of your choice.

Proper surface preparation of the briolette and finished cap is necessary before adhesion. To obtain the strongest adhesive bond we recommend air-abrasion of both cap and briolette surfaces with #180 grit aluminum oxide, thorough cleaning in warm soapy water, water rinse and degrease in acetone . (Avoid contaminating the clean surfaces with your fingers.) Epoxy adhesives are highly recommended. One which works well is Devcon 2-Ton epoxy available in many retail stores.

See our BRIOLETTE SETTING TECHNIQUE section for more details.