Briolette Material List

We can supply briolettes in the following materials:

AGATE matched banded smooth drops
ALMANDINE rich red Mozambique garnet, faceted
AMETHYST Light "Rose de France" to rich "Siberian" purple, Zambia, Brazil, Bolivia & Uruguay, faceted
AMETRINE citrine-amethyst bicolor Bolivian, faceted
AQUAMARINE clear blue & green blue, smooth or faceted
BLACK WYOMING JADE the blackest, high luster, smooth or faceted
BLUE CHALCEDONY translucent blue, South Africa, faceted
BLUE OPAL powder blue translucent Peruvian, faceted
BLUE TOPAZ bright aqua blue at a lower cost (treated), faceted
BLUE ZIRCON rich blue and blue green, high dispersion and R.I., faceted, Cambodia
CARNELIAN bright red-orange, even color and mottled patterns, translucent, India, smooth and faceted
CHAROITE purple with pattern, smooth drops Russia
CHROME BERYL chrome blue-green Nigeria, faceted; kin to emerald
CHRYSOCOLLA beautiful blue, both translucent and opaque Arizona, faceted
CHRYSOPRASE beautiful "nickel" bright green, clean and very translucent Australia, faceted
CITRINE golden & rich reddish madeira Brazil, faceted
DANBURITE bright clear hard, slightly pink almost colorless, Mexico, faceted
DINOSAUR BONE red and black with pattern, smooth drops
GREEN BERYL sea green & chrome green, faceted
GREEN CHALCEDONY dark "earthy" green translucent, South Africa, faceted
GREEN MALI GARNET brilliant apple to chrome green grossular w/ incl., faceted (limited selection)
EMERALD chrome green, Brazil, Nigerian & Colombian material has some inclusions, limited availability, faceted
HELIODOR yellow green & gold very clean & bright Afghanistan and Tajikistan, faceted
HESSONITE GARNET cinnamon color Madagascar, faceted
translucent purple, Oregon, faceted, limited supply
IMPERIAL TOPAZ rich imperial orange w/rainbow inclusions, Brazil, faceted
INDICOLITE light to dark blues from Afganistan, Namibia, and Brazil, faceted
IOLITE sapphire blue, very dichroic, Madagascar, faceted
JADE (NEPHRITE) rich green some with black magnetite incl., smooth or faceted Siberia & British Columbia
LABRADORITE clear with bluish, greenish, and gold sheen , faceted
LAPIS LAZULI royal blue w/pyrite flecks, Afghanistan, smooth or faceted
LEMON CITRINE bright lemon yellow quartz (treated), faceted
MAW SIT SIT (chrome jade) emerald green w/pattern opaque smooth drops Burma
MOLDAVITE olive green transparent, natural glass from meteorite impact, Czech Republic, faceted
MOONSTONE very clear with strong sheen, green & pinkish, smooth & faceted India
MORGANITE pink & peach colored, clear, lightly included, faceted, limited supply
OPAL with FIRE Australian crystal clear, white, gray & and black base with fire (refractive colors) smooth & faceted
clear & bright, faceted
PERIDOT apple to mint green (not olive or brown), Pakistan & Norway, faceted
PINK OPAL coral color material, also known as "angel skin", translucent, smooth cuts, Peru
PURPLE FLUORITE translucent purple, faceted
fine green needles in quartz, Madagascar, faceted
RED FIRE QUARTZ clear quartz with brilliant red flat ribbon-like inclusions of lepidocrosite, Madagascar, faceted
RHODOCROSITE both pink translucent clear & with banding, smooth or faceted, Argentina
RHODOLITE reds, pinks & purples Tanzania, faceted
RHODONITE red-pink translucent Australia & British Columbia, smooth or faceted
ROCK CRYSTAL water clear diamond simulant, inexpensive, Russia, faceted
ROSE QUARTZ rich pink-red, very clear, Madagascar, faceted
RUBY translucent red and pinkish, Tanzania, faceted
smooth or faceted
SMOKY QUARTZ clear & clean, Colorado material, faceted
SPESSARTITE GARNET Pumpkin orange and orange-red, Nigeria, faceted
SPHENE brilliant yellow green, high dispersion, faceted
SPINEL rich vibrant faceted pink and red, small size, Burma
STRAWBERRY QUARTZ beautiful red shimmering needles in quartz, Khazakstan, faceted
SUGILITE rich purple , translucent & opaque, smooth & faceted
SUNSTONE from Oregon, clear feldspar with microscopic copper inclusions creating a red glowing effect, faceted
TANZANITE rich blue/purple with some inclusions, faceted
TURQUOISE opaque powder blue, smooth drops, with and without matrix pattern, Arizona & China
TOURMALINES worldwide locations, pinks, greens, blues and other colors, faceted
TRANSVAAL JADE papaya color (hydrogrossular garnet) translucent, smooth and faceted
TSAVORITE GARNET rich chrome green grossular garnet, Kenya, some inclusions, small sizes, faceted
smoky yellow green, some are bicolor w/ smoky ends, faceted
VARISCITE green opaque, smooth drops, with or without spider web matrix pattern, Nevada