Briolette Descriptions and Pricing

Sizes of briolettes we cut range from approximately 4mm to 40mm in length, and 3mm to 20mm in diameter. Most of our briolettes fall within 6-12 mm in length and 3-8 mm in diameter. Generally a 2:1 ratio of length to width is standard for most of our briolettes. Long skinny (i.e. 17 x 3 mm) and short fat briolettes (i.e. 10 x 11mm ) proportions are also cut. The most important factor determining the "look" of the briolette is the length to width ratio.

Examples of oval cross-section briolettes,
front and side view of 3 pairs:
lemon citrine 6x9x14 mm
golden citrine 7x10x15 mm
blue topaz 5.5x8x12 mm

Generally our briolettes have a round cross section. We also have briolettes with an oval cross section. These are slightly  flattened similar to a pumpkin seed or an almond in shape, and work very well for pendants or necklaces where it is desirable for the briolette to lay flat.  A picture is worth a thousand words so see our briolette photos to get a better understanding of shapes, sizes and proportions. Our briolettes are meticulously matched for color, size, and internal characteristics during the preforming process. Only then are they faceted individually by hand using modern American style faceting equipment.

Prices for pairs of faceted briolettes range from $40 to over $1000 for very fine examples. However most all the briolette pairs we cut are available in the $40 to $300 price range. Single briolettes are about half of the above prices. Smooth briolettes are in the $20 to $100 per pair range. Our prices are in line with market prices for the equivalent stones in "normal" cutting styles.

For specific prices on briolettes: let me know which material, size range, and price range that you want. I will get back to you with some exact sizes and prices on your requests.